Water cooling plates, heat exchangers, heat pipes (systems), high-performance heat sinks, extruded profiles and fans.

Liquid cooling plates

Water cooling plates are the most efficient cooling solutions. Here, water or another cooling liquid is led as directly as possible past the heat source.

Advantages of water cooling plates

  • Most efficient cooling solution
  • High heat dissipation due to the cooling liquid flowing past the heat source
  • Good temperature distribution possible
  • Low local noise development


From stamped heat sinks for low power on the PCB to extruded profiles, high performance heat sinks and mounted heat sinks with pressed-in fins.

Vapor chambers

Take large amounts of heat and dissipate it quickly and distribute it from a hotspot to a large area. The optimal solution for confined and limited areas. Directly with heat sink optimized for your device.


Whether microprocessor, IGBT or RF semiconductor - heat pipes efficiently dissipate heat. As a design element, heat pipes promise simple yet efficient solutions for heat transfer.

Heat exchanger

MB Electronic offers you highly efficient water-air heat exchangers from Thermatron. Due to the design of the fins and the extremely narrow bending radii of the tubes, these heat exchangers achieve the highest efficiency on the market.


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